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YAPIKBI - Foundation of Biak Youth Insos Kabor


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About Us

The Foundation of Biak Youth Insos Kabor
(Yayasan Pemuda Insos Kabor Biak Yapikbi)


  1. Office Manager: Mr. Johanis Ronsumbre
  2. Manager Assistant: Mr. Markus Imbenai
  3. Financial: Ms. Diana Simbiak
  4. Research and Survey: Mr. Pieter Yarangga
  5. Project Developing and International Affairs: Mr. Ottis Simopiaref
  6. Education: Mr. Jos Simopiaref, educator
  7. Social Affairs: Ms. Nella Rumaropen
  8. Legal Affairs: Ms. Dortea Rumaropen
  9. Political Affairs: Mr. Mateus Rumbiak
  10. Economic Affairs: Mr. Agus Rumbiak
  11. Cultural Affairs: Mr. Rolls Ronsumbre
  12. Couching: Mr. Pieter Yarangga
  13. 20 volunteers on permanent basis and 50 on temporary basis


1. Chairperson: Mr. Johanes Ronsumbre
2. Secretary: Mr. Max Imbenai
3. Treasure: Ms. Diana Simbiak


1. Salomo Sawor, Clergyman
2. Nato Gobay, Priest
3. Decky Iwanggin, BA

Our Location

You can find our location at the eastern tip of the Frans Kaisiepo Airport in Biak, West Papua. From the Airport Station to Rumsom is about 1 km or 20 minutes by public transport.


All programs are based in the understanding that local individual and collective youth groups are responsible for the development of their groups and communities, and that participatory approaches are most effective in promoting broad based development. Programs are open to all, with no restrictions as to religion, sex or tribal heritage.


Basically, the Yapikbi is a youth organization but it has some elder directors in the Governing Body and the Management and Administration. Pragmatically, this structure of mixing-ages is needed to smoothly generate the process of developing an equal relations between youngsters and the elders. The elders should open up the entrances to the youth for a wider development in the society on an equal level.


  1. Enhanced capacity of Yapikbis members, sympathizers and NGOs;
  2. Empowered youth and women so that these target groups have a better chance at getting a job on the labour market;
  3. Established International Relations with sister organizations abroad to promote international solidarity on various issues.