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YAPIKBI - Foundation of Biak Youth Insos Kabor


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Current Activities, Future Plans and Target Groups

Current Activities

  1. English Beginners Course has started in October 2001 and is given two times a week for 1 1/2 hour each. Students are now preparing for their exams by the end of May 2002.
  2. Cultural activities such as dancing, singing, painting, wood carving at cultural events, for which Yapikbi has submitted a project proposal to the local government for financial support. The state budget for the local development will be officially allocated in April 2002, after which Yapikbi will be officially informed of any allocation for cultural activities.

Mediators: Yapikbi has been asked by a local oil company (Pertamina) to act as a mediator/consultant in conflicts with its community partners.

Target Groups

  1. Youth, including Students, School Children and School Drop Outs.
  2. Young Women including young married women.
  3. NGO and Community Leaders.
  4. Employees from Public and Private Sector.
  5. Individual Development Activists.

Future Plans

For 2002

  • Building an office and extra training rooms (5) to complete the Youth Training Centre, planned start date: September 2002.
  • English Intermediate Course, start date: November 2002.
  • Computer Programme Skills, start date: November 2002.

For 2003

  • Training in Organizational Development, start date: January 2003.
  • Promote NGO, government and volunteer collaboratives and coordinated development activities in the:
    1. Biak Cultural Festival in August for 5 days
    2. Papuan International Cultural Festival in August for 5 days
    3. Biking Tour for Peace and Environment in August for 5 days
    1. Youth Exchange: visit from the German Youth (Janun) to Biak from August to September
    2. Building a Boarding School for Junior and Senior Secondary School in West Biak, planned start date: September 2003. Yapikbi is now lobbying the local government for support, both for finances and equipment.
    3. Training in Organizational Development.
    4. Computer Programme Skills.
    5. Follow-up of Capacity Building: Community Development.

    For 2004

    • Training in Organizational Development
    • Computer Programme Skills
    • Follow-up of Community Development: Economic Investment in small commercial enterprises.