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YAPIKBI - Foundation of Biak Youth Insos Kabor


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We can proudly say that Yapikbi is Biak's First Youth Organization. Yapikbi was established on the 14th of December 2000 in Biak and its achievements since then can be summarized as follows.

  1. Yapikbi's guesthouse Rumsom. Rumsom is the first building of the Youth Training Centre, which was successfully built in 5 months (from April to August 2001). Partner groups and other visitors are housed in the Rumsom during their visits to Yapikbi. It is a large house that is fully geared to receiving large groups (equipped with electricity and toilet facilities). The municipality of Biak has provided chairs and tables.
  2. Youth Exchange Programme 2001. Yapikbi has successfully organized an International Youth Exchange Programme from August to September 2001. Ten members from Janun (Jugend Actions Netzwerk Umwelt & Naturschutz - Youth Action Network for Environmental Protection) Hanover, Germany and about 50 Yapikbi members participated in the programme. During the programme, the participants visited local schools, village communities (kampongs), the public hospital, marketplaces and shops to get the insight into the overall situation and the problems in Biak and an idea of everyday-life. The output of the programme can be summarized as follows:
    1. The decision made by Janun and Yapikbi to continue its cooperation with Yapikbi, and work together to seek funds for expanding the Youth Training Centre.
    2. An invitation from Janun for 12 members from Yapikbi to visit Germany in the summer of 2002, and another visit from Janun to Yapikbi in August 2003;
    3. The members of Janun and Yapikbi have experienced, and learned to respect each others culture;
    4. Janun and Yapikbi have laid the foundation for a cooperation between the local government of Hanover and the local government of Biak. Janun is continuing to assist the local government of Biak and that of Hanover for the development of long-lasting cooperation between the two towns.

  • Reputation. Yapikbi is well known in Biak and enjoys the reputation of an active and committed youth organization. This was firstly established by its past achievements in a relatively short period of time and, in addition, Yapikbi also utilised the mass media (both electronic and written) in West Papua. Yapikbi was widely published in the local media when the official opening of Rumsom by Mr. L.S. Rumbiak (deputy mayor of the Biak municipality) took place in September 2001. More recently, December 2001, Yapikbi set up its own website in two languages, Indonesian and English, to provide information on an international level.

  • Computers. Ottis Simopiaref, responsible for the International Affairs for Yapikbi and living in the Netherlands, has thus far been able to collect 14 computers and 1 laser printer through various institutions (schools) and companies in the Netherlands. Pilots Without Borders (PWB, Piloten Zonder Grenzen) have been contacted to aid in transporting these computers free of charge to Biak and they have responded positively. PWB are now looking at the options of transporting the computers from Amsterdam to Jakarta and all the way to Biak, awaiting Yapikbis official written request via a Dutch organization in order to officially proceed with transportation. The transportation will take place in December 2002.

  • Youth Exchange Programme 2002. Ten members of Yapikbi visited Germany from the 10th of July to the 10th of Agustus 2002. They participated in various workhops during a week Summer Camp organised by Janun (Youth Action Network for Environmental Protection). These 10 adult youth stayed in the families that they have learned the European culture.