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YAPIKBI - (Biak Youth Foundation)

Past and Current Activities
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Past and Current Activities



Establishing of YAPIKBI on 14 December


  • Guesthouse "Rumsom" was built, from April to September.
  • Visit by JANUN Youth from Germany, from August to September (4 weeks).
  • English Elementary Course, since Oktober.
  • Yapikbi was asked by a local oil company (Pertamina) to act as a  mediator/consultant in conflicts with its community partners.
  • 2002

             Alex Kirihio representing Yapikbi at the Conference on Ecotourism in

          Chiang Mai, Thailand from 3 to 7 March

             Gritje Rumbiak representing Yapikbi to participate in Environmental Diplomacy Training Program for 2 weeks in Fiji.

             10 Yapikbi members visited Germany from 10 July hingga 10 August. They participated in workshops on Globalisation, Good Governance, Solar Energy, Gender Issue and Internet. There was a meeting with the Deputy Mayor of Hanover and exchange of information with an official from Environmental Department of the Hanover City. Various cultural dances and songs were performed by Yapikbi during the visit.

             8 young students from Oxford University, England visited Yapikbi for 2 weeks in August. Various cultural exchange activities were undertaken including dancing, singing, cooking and learning Biak language.

    *    Yapikbi Aniversary on 14 December. Various cultural activities were undertaken to commemorate the day.


    1.       Training on Institutional Capacity Building including (a) Organization; (b) Strategic Planning; (c) Influencing Governmental Policy; (d) Communication; (e) Project Cycles & Proposal Writing; (f) Groups Facilitating Methods; (g) Effective Meeting; (h) Bureaucracy, Policy Making, Negotiation; (i) Public Relation; (j) Relation with Media; (k) Labor; (l) Conflict Resolution; (m) Cope with Stress. Since January with a Trainer from The Netherlands.

    2.       Building Yapikbis Office or Training Center, since February.

    3.       Agust Rumbiak and Lody Ronsumbre participated in the workshop on Environment and Natural Resources facilitated by Coremap in March.

    4.       Agust Rumbiak and Yowel Rumere participated in the workshop on Social Analyses facilitated by Foker LSM Papua in April.

    5.       15 JANUN members from Germany visited Yapikbi for 6 weeks. Various social activities (including German language, English, Indonesian and Biaks) and cultural activities such as dancing, singing, wood carving, etc. from August to September.

    6.       English Training Course and Computer by trainer or teacher from The Netherlands, since October.

    7.     Beach Party including music performance and various games for children, November and December.


    1. CAPACITY BUILDING include:

    1. English, Computer Course
    2. Institutional Capacity Building includes trainings in Office Management, etc.
    3. Income Generating Projects includes training in Garment Production, etc.


    Six people from Yapikbi visited Germany in August.


    3. HIV/AIDS

    Discussion with the youth on the danger of HIV/AIDS virus using comic books.




       21 January: Small seminar at Yapikbi's office on the position of women in the politics. Speaker were Dicky Iwanggin, chairman of Local General Election Committee and Mrs. Sawias, parliamentarian of Supiori regency.

       February: Six activists from Yapikbi participated in a training for campaigners on HIV/AIDS prevention in Jayapura.